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New Release: DataFlex 2022 Beta 2 released - get it now!

December 1, 2021

With great excitement, we announce the availability of the Beta 2 release of DataFlex 2022! The Beta 2 release is an important milestone that signifies the product is “feature complete” and ready for testing with your applications!

To get started with DataFlex 2022:

  • Download DataFlex 2022 Beta 2
  • Read the "What’s New in DataFlex 2022" section of the documentation which includes...
    • Step-by-step instructions on everything from initial experimentation through application migration
    • Deep technical detail on using Unicode and 64-bit in DataFlex 2022
  • Share your experience and feedback in the testing forum

About DataFlex 2022 Beta 2
DataFlex 2022 continues to expand developers' horizons with significant user-interface additions for your Web and Windows applications, evolutionary language improvements, tighter integration with SQL backends and enhanced performance, diagnostics and control over deployed web applications!

The Beta 2 release provides:

Language Improvements

  • Improved SortArray and BinarySearchArray to support Binary and Linguistic comparisons
  • No more Argument_Size!
  • Support for multi-line strings
  • The new multi-line string does not do compiler substitutions (eg. !A) so developers can use the new @ syntax to allow unfettered use of ! in strings.
  • Date and DateTime Improvements

Web Application Framework

  • New cWebContextMenu class provides custom menus when right-clicking on various controls
  • New cWebMenuItemCheckbox class can be used to create multi-item menus.
  • Extended cWebList and cWebGrid with the ability to reorder, hide / show columns (and store the layout), new footer row and un-editable columns in grids.
  • New CWebDragDropHelper class provides Drag & Drop support between and within various web controls, including WebList rows, WebTreeView items and WebTagsForm tags. Drop support is available for almost all web controls. The centralized handling allows developers to easily define the drag sources and drop targets and the appropriate OnDrop actions.
  • cWebApp has new properties for browser language and time zone offset.
  • cWebTagsForm supports custom separators. This new feature is also available in the new cTagsForm Windows class.


  • Improved table restructure by preserving more natively implemented attributes, including triggers, comments, full text indexes and also protect against accidentally restructuring system-versioned tables.
  • Reduced memory consumption in SQL Drivers - the find cache buffers are now dynamically allocated.

Web Application Server

  • New option to update all configuration files when the Web Application name has been changed
  • Improved process creation when max pool size has not been reached - If a request triggers the start of a new process, the request will no longer wait for that specific process but use the first one available.
  • Improved process deletion when processes in excess of min pool size are no longer needed - When the process pool scales down it will do so gradually instead of stopping all processes at once.
  • The process pool reports statistics to the WebApp Administrator.
  • WebApp Administrator displays more information about current activity, PIDs for processes, allows for process termination and remembers its size and location.
  • New cWebAppLogReader class can read application logs from any registered web application or directly from any log file.
  • DFManageVDir can handle multiple levels when one of the parent levels did not exist

Windows Framework

  • New cWebView2Browser class. This component wraps the Edge WebView2 browser engine from Microsoft into a reusable DataFlex control. Use this control to display web pages or HTML snippets within your DataFlex Windows project. This new control can replace the Internet Explorer based ComWebBrowser.
  • New cTagsForm class brings the same tagging capabilities to Windows applications as cWebTagsForm.
  • New placeholders for Windows DEOs


  • The Studio now uses the console compiler (introduced in DataFlex 20.0).
  • Added compile time to the output
  • Improved logic for precompiling system packages
  • No longer clears the output window between 32 and 64-bit precompiles
  • This eliminates the impact of the size of the Output Panel on compilation speed.
  • Code Explorer - You can now move any node type in Code Explorer up or down instead of just objects
  • Supports multi-line strings in the Editor

DataBase Explorer

  • New toolbar options to display various configurations of icons and/or captions


  • New Dynamic Web Objects Shop demo in WebOrder
  • New cWebAppLogReader example in Specialized Components
  • New cWebList and cWebGrid capabilities are available in all related views in WebOrder
  • New cWebDragDropHelper demo in WebOrder
  • New cTagsForm demo in Order Entry
  • New cWebViewBrowser demo in Specialized Components

2021-11-30 DataFlex 2022 Beta 2

We know you’ll find working with DataFlex 2022 as exciting as we do!