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Updated DataFlex Web Scheduler Library for DataFlex 2022

July 27, 2022

If you need a scheduler in your web application, the DataFlex Web Scheduler Library is an excellent option!

Based on a feature rich Java Script component from DHTMLX, the DataFlex Web Scheduler library lets you create calendar entries directly or with drag and drop just like in Outlook or Google Calendar. And the only programming language you need? DataFlex!

A new version of the DataFlex Web Scheduler Library is now available:

  • The library and the free demo are updated to DataFlex 2022
  • New features added - Timeline Tree and Server-side tooltips
  • The library is updated to work with the latest DHTMLX scheduler version 6.0.1

New Features

Timeline Tree

A new feature is the ability to display the Timeline with collapsible tree sections. For example:

  • Section 1: Meeting rooms
    • Room 1
    • Room 2
  • Section 2: offices
    • Office 1
    • Office 2
    • Office 3

To get a better overview of all the available offices you can collapse section 1, so only section 2 shows. Multiple sections can be added to a section. In the sample workspace you will find more info and demo code, illustrating how to set up your sections for this new view.

Server side tooltips

You can now dynamically generate tooltips on the server for an individual event. Usually the hover action is a static format, which is not editable. Now you can add custom tooltips.

Server side tooltips

Purchase the updated DataFlex Web Scheduler

To implement the Web Scheduler Library you need two things:

  • The Web Scheduler Library: this includes the DataFlex Library and a sample workspace. Also it provides extensive documentation about using/implementing the Web Scheduler. The library costs €750 including a one year subscription. After the first year the subscription costs are €187,50 a year.
  • DHTMLX JavaScript Classes: The JavaScript classes can be orderd via DHTMLX - just choose the Scheduler and order the license that suits your needs.

See the Web Scheduler Purchase page for additional product and ordering information.

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Want to try the DataFlex Web Scheduler first? Try the free demo! Use the credentials: demo, demo


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