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Synergy 2019

March, 18-22 2019 at the Bahamas


Businesses worldwide are demanding more and better mobile, web and Windows applications. DataFlex provides developers with an advanced platform, exceptional productivity and continuous technical innovation to deliver them. Synergy 2019 offers a totally different conference experience to introduce the latest in DataFlex and related technologies.

Join us on the Mariner of the Seas® to learn what’s new in DataFlex, meet new people and greet old friends, mingle with the Data Access team, learn new skills and discover new opportunities. And have fun afloat with the consistent quality expected from Data Access Worldwide products and events.

We’ll see you there - check the Synergy 2019 website!

Training: March 16-17, 2019

Conference: March 19 & 21, 2019

Venue: The Mariner of the Seas ®