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Why, who, what?

Why, who, what?

Keep it simple!


Manufacturers of machinery are constantly innovating their products, in order to make them more easily serviceable, and more resistant against wear and tear. Nonetheless, machines and parts will break down eventually, and in that case it is very important to deal with matters effectively and adequately. In the supply chain from manufacturer, to dealer and customer, communication and information exchange needs to be swift, accurate and transparent. That is what Halifax offers.


This product is meant for manufacturers of machinery of relatively complex mechanical and electrical engineering with a widely spread network of dealers, and their customers. Halifax is usually installed on premise, so that it can tightly integrate with an existing ERP back-office system.

Halifax belongs in a strategy of a manufacturer who wants to improve customer satisfaction by opening up their systems, providing full transparency, and turning a negative experience of a defect or failure, into a positive customer experience.


Halifax is a web portal solution for processing warranty claims for industrial machinery. Based on best-practise workflows this tool provides a central database for dealers to submit their claims quickly and easily. By keeping this process simple and efficient, the service management department saves time and costs.

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