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Value proposition

Value proposition

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How Halifax improves business

As a preferred supplier of John Deere, Data Access Europe is increasingly active in the agricultural market. A noticeable trend is that manufacturers discover the benefits of optimizing their service process by automating it. Often it is a part of a broader vision of an increased digital presence, or digitization.

Improved service levels lead to customer satisfaction. Provide better service by making the process more transparent and enhance the customer experience by striving for instant gratification. Relevant criteria are that when a customer asks for help, the process is smooth, efficient and as easy as it can possibly be.

In short:

Let the customer be an interactive part of the process; inform them of every step, or change of status, and make things easy. Do anything to make an otherwise negative experience into a positive one.

That is where Halifax comes in. Halifax is a service portal for handling warranty claims in the most efficient way. The unique feature of this platform is that it helps manufacturers opening up their systems via modern communication methods. The dashboard of Halifax creates real time insight and overview of claims for all stakeholders and with automatic notifications, the system informs the customer of any change in status, or additional request for feedback to complete the process. Data Access Europe is a software company, increasingly active in the agricultural market.

Halifax enforces applying a best practices workflow. For shorter process cycles, and more efficient spending of time and resources of service managers and other involved staff, rely on Halifax for improving productivity and efficiency.

Several mechanisms increase productivity; the seamless integration with an existing ERP helps to enter claims much quicker. This is because all the necessary details to complete a claim are readily available. This saves time for the customer and back-office employees.

Achieve this by exchanging data automatically, resulting in less administrative time and errors, because existing data is reused. By automating the warranty process, greatly reduce the time for processing claims.

Halifax improves the accountability and reduces costs. Halifax logs all involved steps in the process, accurately monitoring the costs versus rewarding claims. It creates a fair balance between claims that should not be rewarded at all and those that should be rewarded.

In Halifax, approve claims “under leniency” (coulance), if preferred. In real live, situations may ask for this and allowing for it, supports building a relationship of trust. Approving a disputable claim can help building a relation of reciprocity with a customer. The customer may appreciate this and be willing to develop more business.

Finally, Halifax supports internal processes of product improvement. With all the data structured in normalized tables, management information is quickly available. Web-based reports give detailed insight in weaknesses in a product. Quality improvement can become a quantifiable parameter within the organisation.


Accurate and real-time insight for all stakeholders


Simplify and reduce time to complete claims


One central repository for all claim related information

Customer experience

Ease of use, expedience and transparency create positive experience

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