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Stability and security update available for DataFlex 2023, 2022 and 2019

March 13, 2024

There is an updated release available for DataFlex Studio 2023/23.0, 2022/20.1 and 2019/19.1. A new linker has been introduced to address false positives triggered by Windows Defender on temporary files generated by the DataFlex compiler.

What’s new

To address issues with Windows Defender incorrectly flagging temporary files created by the DataFlex compiler as false positives, a solution has been implemented. A new linker has been developed that eliminates the need for temporary files. Updated versions incorporating this new linker are now accessible for DataFlex 2023/23.0, DataFlex 2022/20.1, and DataFlex 2019/19.1, ensuring a more seamless experience.

Developers are encouraged to update now!

Installing the update

The updates are available as complete new installations for DataFlex Studio.

  • To install the update one first needs to uninstall any currently installed versions of DataFlex.
  • A reboot is required between uninstallation and installation of the new DataFlex build.
  • It is not necessary to update installed runtimes, including the client and Web App Server, as the modifications are limited to the compiler.
  • Note that installing DataFlex after uninstalling a prior build will automatically reinstall the evaluation license and you will need to register your DataFlex Studio license after the installation completes. You can register from within the Studio (under Help | License Registration…) or using “Register DataFlex” on the DataFlex Start Menu.

Download update

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For further discussion, visit the DataFlex Web & Mobile Applications forum.  

2024-03-11 Update release