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DataFlex Reports 2021 Updated release - update now

April 21, 2021

In line with the update release for DataFlex 2021 v20 we hereby announce the release of version 8.0.1 for DataFlex Reports.

The update contains changes in the OCX, Studio, Integration Library and Installer changes


  • Added an option to automatically create a JSON file with the report definition when saving a .DR file. This option makes it easier to quickly see changes made in the report definition using tools such as GIT
  • Standard Edition contained option “Prompt for RDS data” and since the Standard Edition is not suitable for RDS it should not have been in there. Removed
  • The option to show SQL stored procedures was broken, fixed
  • Error in Manual activation dialog
  • Function name input field shorter than before


  • Select case variable is not array error fixed
  • Can’t find a row in DataFlex data when a German u-umlaut is used
  • Page N of M was not shown correctly in translation

Integration library

  • Zoom factor comboform in Windows preview dialogs did not use the piPreviewZoom property value of the report resulting in a difference between previewer and value shown
  • Support of peExportType in web as in Windows
  • Create large/big integer RDS columns when length is larger than 11
  • Set Objectname in RDS report to table.columname instead of columnname
  • Add BOM character to v20 source code when DataFlex Studio option contains this option
  • Support possibly filename change in CollectXXXExportOptions in DRexportOptions.dg
  • Currentpage spinform in Windows preview dialogs now limited to the real page range


  • Runtime installers required an internet connection
  • Dr.db file distributed was “dirty”
  • Standard Edition was set to start required elevated rights

Download the updated release of DataFlex Reports

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