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Did you know about these DataFlex security resources?

February 21, 2023

A concern shared by all.

We understand how important security is, and have worked to provide several resources to further assist in securing applications and to educate developers. Here are some tools to help protect your applications, and perhaps more importantly, your customers and their data.

Security Icon

Security Library

This library allows you to create and verify hashes, store passcodes securely, add 2-factor authentication to your web application, and use encryption. This library provides access to some of today’s most popular and secure algorithms. Partially based on the use of this library, this course is a great additional resource!

Security Library Details 

XSS Sanitizer Icon


A small, focused package that allows you to deal with malicious HTML and JavaScript that could be injected into your application via user input.

XssSanitizer Details

Redaction Library Icon

Redaction Library

The Redaction Library implements a new security layer that removes the vulnerability of hidden and disabled controls within views.

Use with DataFlex 19.1, 19.0, and 18.2. It is part of DataFlex 20.0 and newer.

Redaction Library Details


Other Resources

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DataFlex Support Forums: ask questions - get answers

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