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DataFlex 2024 Beta 2 released - create vector drawings from DataFlex code!

January 17, 2023

DataFlex 2024 Beta 2 has been released for developer testing and previewing of the new features to be delivered in DataFlex 2024.

The Beta 2 release fixes legacy ASP application issues with the Attach State of WebApp Processes that prevented some legacy ASP applications from running properly. We’ve also fixed a DataFlex Linker issue that triggered Windows Security (Microsoft Defender) threat warnings.

The Beta 2 build also delivers a number of other improvements and fixes to the Web Controls, WebApp Server and Administrator, Packages, SQL Executor, Studio/WebApp Designer, Compiler, Examples and Documentation.

Overall, the DataFlex 2024 release extends the leading mobile, web and Windows desktop application development platform with new features that improve your end-user experiences, application security, and your development productivity!

Download the Beta 2 build and begin testing with your applications today!


Download DataFlex 2024 Beta 2


New Features in DataFlex 2024

Vector Drawings

The new cWebDrawing control in DataFlex 2024 allows the creation of vector drawings in web applications from DataFlex code. It can be used for various activities like drawing charts, maps and even the creation of small games!

dataflex 2024 cwebdrawing control.jpg.1057x477.6

Enhanced protection

Developers who rely on the DataFlex WebApp Server’s Security, Performance, Load Balancing and Fail-over protection capabilities will also appreciate the new SPLF Encryption delivered in this latest release. DataFlex 2024’s WebApp Server now encrypts the connection between the SPLF master and the application nodes. An encryption token can be configured per node to improve the strength of the encryption.

Improved Grid Layouts

Designing grid layouts is also improved in DataFlex 2024 with the enhanced Web Designer in the Studio. A new popup for editing grid rows and columns is included which also supports inserting and removing rows / columns. The context menu on the designer now has an option to convert from the flow layout to the grid layout.

dataflex 2024 grid designer.png.1773x739.6

Improved Data Dictionary capabilities

DataFlex 2024 enhances developer productivity with Data Dictionary improvements that add new capability for Web container controls to contain their own DDO structure. The DDO Explorer panel of the studio has also been extended for this feature and can now display multiple DDO structures.

And more...

Numerous bug fixes and other improvements are also delivered in this latest release - get a preview of what’s coming by downloading and installing the Beta 1 build of DataFlex 2024 and joining the testing community!

To get started with DataFlex 2024 Beta 2

Change in naming software updates

Dedicated to staying current with evolving technologies, our software undergoes regular updates to align with the changing landscape. We’ve recently shifted our software naming approach, aiming for simplicity, clarity, and intuitiveness. For more details, refer to this article.


Download DataFlex 2024 Beta 2


20-01-15 DataFlex 2024 Beta 2