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DataFlex 2016 (v18.2) is Released!

January 29, 2016

DataFlex 2016/18.2 is released and available for download.

This latest version builds upon the wealth of mobile, web and Windows feature enhancements implemented in version 2015/18.1 by rapidly responding to developers’ suggestions for functional refinements and operational improvements. In addition, a large investment has been made in fixing bugs from prior revisions to improve developers’ productivity and overall product stability and performance.

“In DataFlex 2015/18.1, we added an extensive array of new features and enhancements in the product core and for mobile, web and Windows apps. That large scope of change leads to opportunities for incremental features, more documentation and suggestions for refinements from the people that use the product every day. With DataFlex 2016/18.2, we have responded quickly with high level of product polish while still providing an almost transparent upgrade between 18.1 and 18.2,” says Data Access Worldwide CTO John Tuohy.

For full details of the new release, read Stephen Meeley’s forum post. Some examples are:

  • New Month calendar control for the Windows framework for use with prompt lists and other custom needs (it’s included in the updated Order Entry example, as well)
  • Resolution of a Windows 10 font spacing issue to accommodate kerning changes Microsoft introduced with its latest OS release
  • Uses latest Codejock controls (v16.4.0)

DataFlex Framework enhancements:

  • New Desktop theme that has the modern look of mobile/touch but with smaller control sizing
  • Faster display of complex views on clients
  • New parent combo control and web-based Data Dictionary Inspector
  • Improved cookie management including support for secure cookies
  • Better error handling
  • Numerous JavaScript engine improvements for better cross
  • Platform compatibility and performance, and layout and alignment improvements

Highlights of the DataFlex 2016/18.2 release include enhancements to the mobile extensions included in the DataFlex Framework!

New DataFlex Studio/IDE features and improvements:

  • Better Table Explorer Table Filter options
  • Option to generate .DEF files directly from the Studio
  • Configurable pre & post compile processing
  • Optimized visual Web Designer for faster, more stable developmentbetter support for JavaScript sub-classing in the Designer
  • New Data Dictionary Smart Relates property can improve performance in large batch operations and when using SQL
  • New String Array functions and over 20 new Date/DateTime and TimeSpan functions that make it easy to set dates and perform DateTime arithmetic
  • Other Windows 10 compatibility changes

Regarding bug fixes, John says, “Our main goal with this release is to address bugs from several prior revisions, include as many suggestions from developers as possible, and, specifically, to maintain compatibility with DataFlex 18.1 to make sure that migration to 18.2 is easy. If you are now developing in DataFlex 18.1, you will absolutely want to migrate up to 18.2.”