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DataFlex Reports 2017 Beta II

March 1, 2017

We are pleased to announce the availability of DataFlex Reports 2017 (v6.0) Beta II

What are the changes between Beta I & Beta II: 

  • JIT function pre-compiler
  • Added option for case-insensitive compare in functions. We recommend you turn this option on for all new reports (by -default this option is turned on for new reports and off for existing reports).
  • ’(null)’ values will no longer appear in RDS reports
  • Variable length Memo and Binary fields.
  • Anchor support
  • Helper for drawing Lines/Boxes over sections. You can create Lines and Boxes spanning multiple sections by inserting a -Line/Box while holding the Ctrl key.
  • New ’TableNameAlias’ function in OCX
  • Updated integration library

Click here to  download the beta . Only the developer edition is included in this release.