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DataFlex 2019/19.1 Beta 1 Is Released!

January 11, 2019

DataFlex 19.1 Beta 1 is released and available for download and testing with your Mobile, Web and Windows applications (see note below about downloads)!

This release includes exciting changes to help you improve all types of applications. All projects benefit from the language and code cleanup and expanded compiler warning system. Windows applications benefit from further DPI improvements, increased consistency and control over and form heights and embedded manifest files. Web and mobile applications now support history management and meaningful URLs, expandable lists, horizontal grid scrolling and an exciting new Material Design theme!

The “What’s New in DataFlex 2019 - 19.1” section of the help contains details on all the new capabilities of the product. Additions and changes to the 19.1 Beta 1 since the Alpha 5 release are: product. Additions and changes to the 19.1 Beta 1 since the Alpha 5 release are:

  • A new installer - DataFlex 19.1 uses new installation technology that provides a crisp, modern look across all monitor resolutions, is 64-bit capable (in preparation for the next generation of DataFlex) and automatically configures the proper provisioning of IIS for DataFlex web applications (including automated installation of the required IIS components). 
  • A new DataFlex Web Framework style, “Basic”, had been added to the existing Mobile/Touch and Desktop styles. A Basic web application does not use the DataFlex user interface objects; it only uses Web Application Server components used for service-based applications. This new style makes both the development and deployment of service-based web applications more efficient through a streamlined class hierarchy and the elimination of the JavaScript Engine and all other web components associated with the DataFlex user interface. 
  • To make DataFlex 19.1’s new deep linking and history management feature more secure and reliable, as of Beta 1, your navigation paths within the drill-down model will require registration. This allows the framework to validate the deep link, and to get the proper details on the navigation, including the invoking object and the navigation type. 
  • DataFlex SQL drivers now support various cursor types for embedded SQL statements: Forward Only, Dynamic, Static and Keyset Driven. While Forward Only cursors (the default used by DataFlex for many years) retrieve data fastest and with the least overhead, specifying different cursor types can render results more tailored to application needs and not have the same limitations. For instance, Microsoft SQL Server’s Forward Only cursors require variable length columns to be last in the SELECT statement. For queries that must include variable length columns intermixed with others, you can specify Static or Dynamic cursors instead. Note that Static cursors are generally faster than Dynamic but will not detect changes by other users. 
  • Help System Changes - The physical structure of the locally installed, compiled HTML Help has been completely redone in Beta 1 to support the new Online Help that will be available in Beta 2. While the local Help content will look similar (though not identical) to the Help you’ve been used to for years, the number of separate books has been greatly reduced.

Check out all of DataFlex 19.1’s new capabilities for yourself and share your feedback in the DataFlex 19.1 Testing Forum!

Please note: To download the Beta software, you must have an active Data Access ID. If you do not have one, you will be prompted to register for a Data Access ID in the dialog that pops up after following the download link.

Possible interaction with Windows Defender: The combination of recent updates to Windows and our newest code signing certificate may trigger a false warning from Windows Defender after you download Beta 1. We are in contact with Thawte but have not yet resolved the issue. If you either “unblock” the installation (using Properties) or instruct Windows Defender to “Run Anyway” (click the More Info link on the warning) DataFlex will install properly.