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Read and write Excel without requiring the use of Microsoft Excel


The DataFlex Library for LibXL makes it fast & easy to use LibXL with your DataFlex applications for much less cost than licensing Microsoft Excel.


With the DataFlex Library for LibXL it's possible to generate a new spreadsheet from scratch in DataFlex. No Excel or other spreadsheet program needed.


Extract data from an existing spreadsheet and use it in your DataFlex applications. Without requiring the use of Microsoft Excel and the .NET framework.

Programmable options

LibXL offers a very broad array of functions that the DataFlex library translates to a list of easily programmable options.

What do users say?

"Appvantage uses LibXL to produce true Excel sheets (.xlsx files) blisteringly fast in their DataFlex applications. Templates are used for defining the layout and formulas are invoked dynamically, creating Excel formulas.

Senf Theaterpartners use them for example for pre-calculations, attendance statistics and sales reports. Users could omit, or add columns but this is usually not required. The use of LibXL is highly appreciated at Senf Theaterpartners. It contributes to a positive user experience of the DataFlex application as a whole."