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Read and write Excel without requiring the use of Microsoft Excel

What is the DataFlex Library for LibXL?

A common feature request that application developers are often asked to incorporate in their business software is the ability to import or export data to or from Microsoft Excel files. Fortunately, DataFlex makes this easy to do by using the powerful DataFlex Library for LibXL!

With this library developers can easily expand their Windows, web and mobile apps to read and write Excel files without requiring the use of Microsoft Excel and the .NET framework to:

  • Generate a new spreadsheet from scratch
  • Extract data from an existing spreadsheet
  • Edit an existing spreadsheetThe DataFlex Library for LibXL makes it fast & easy to use LibXL with your DataFlex applications for much less cost than licensing Microsoft Excel.

The DataFlex Library for LibXL makes it fast & easy to use LibXL with your DataFlex applications for much lower costs than licensing Microsoft Excel.


More reasons to use the DataFlex Library for LibXL:

  • High performance: LibXL is a very high performance engine, capable of creating up to more than 2 million cells per second.
  • LibXL offers a very broad array of functions that the DataFlex library translates to a list of easily programmable options.
  • Support for both the old Excel file format (.xls) and new formats (.xlsx and .xlxm), and numerous formatting options for fonts, borders, fill patterns, merging cells, etc.
  • High efficiency: LibXL is far more efficient than the COM+Excel alternative which can use more than 50% of CPU resources to process a spreadsheet. LibXL’s lower CPU overhead is particularly important for web-based applications.
  • And even more great news: For solutions using LibXL, no royalty-fees are charged for LibXL when distributing your application!
  • The library supports 64-bit and Unicode

The DataFlex Library for LibXL consists of:

  • A DataFlex Library workspace that can be attached to any workspace
  • A demo workspace that contains examples of using the library

By default, LibXL uses a demo license, which is fine for experimentation. It will write a banner in the first row of each spreadsheet and it will be able to read only 300 cells (first row is unavailable).

The DataFlex Library for LibXL is sold by Data Access Europe, and includes a LibXL license. A commercial license is required to remove the banner and reading limitation.


To see LIbXL working in a simple DataFlex application, check out the LibXL Demo


Try the LibXL Demo


When viewing the LibXL demo, please note:

  • The demo is a compiled example, so you can see how it works (what it does) – you can see the DataFlex code and how it is programmed;
  • You cannot compile the code yourself, however, because we do not provide the DataFlex Library source code for evaluation purposes.