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DataFlex developers often unite during conferences and seminars that are organized for a global, European, or more local audience. These events are organized by regional offices of Data Access Worldwide, their regional partners, or specific user’s groups.

Which ever may be the case, developers always appreciate these events because they are a great source for knowledge, exchange of ideas and experiences, inspiration and fun. If you have not been at one of them, try to be there next time, to find out for yourself!

EDUC 2018 May 24 - 25 - Edinburgh, United Kingdom Sample pic
DataFlex Entwickler Tag 2017 November 8 - Frankfurt a.M., Deutschland Sample pic
DAPCON 2017 September 20-23 - Sydney, Australia Sample pic
DataFlex Seminar 16 mei 2017 - Buitenplaats Amerongen Sample pic
SYNERGY 2017 April, 4-7 2017 - Atlanta, GA, USA Sample pic
SCANDUC 2016 December 1 & 2 - Gothenburg, Sweden Sample pic
DAPCON 2016 October 12-15 - Brisbane, Australia Sample pic
EDUC 2016 May 12 - 13 - Berlin, Germany Sample pic
DISD 2016 February 26-27 - Dallas Texas, USA Sample pic
Synergy 2015 March 25-27 - Seattle, Washington USA Sample pic
DAPCON 2015 October 7 - 8 - Sydney, Australia Sample pic