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Froala HTML Editor More info

More info

A high performance and simple design HTML editor

What is the DataFlex Wrapper for Froala HTML editor?

In most web applications, at some point you will have need for an editor, to enter text. For software developers, there are several options out there. Each may have its own feature-set, pricing, licensing and flexibility as how to integrate it in the DataFlex web framework.

With the DataFlex Wrapper for the Froala editor it can be embedded into your applications. Froala claims to produce the smartest and world’s most beautiful WYSIWYG HTML editor. It promises high performance and simple design. The DataFlex wrapper makes it very easy to add a text editor to your web applications.

The DataFlex Wrapper is free to use, the Froala product self is not free. See more information by ‘Purchase’.



Steps to take to use the Froala editor in DataFlex:

  1. Select the pricing plan that’s right for you from
  2. Download the DataFlex Wrapper for Froala
  3. Use the installation guide to implement the Froala editor
  4. When using the DataFlex Wrapper for Froala look at the documentation


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