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DataFlex Styler More info

More info

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What is the DataFlex Styler?

The DataFlex Styler is an online utility that can be used to customize themes for the DataFlex WebApp Framework. It currently supports customization of the colors of the Flat Touch and Flat Desktop themes and the Material theme, that are part of the standard DataFlex WebApp Framework.

It’s possible to use an existing theme, but also a custom theme can be created. Just follow these steps:

  1. Click New
  2. Choose the colors
  3. Save the theme
  4. Download the theme
  5. Install the theme in DataFlex

The DataFlex Styler is free to use, only log in with DAID. In the help of the DataFlex Styler it’s explained in detail how to use the styler and how to embed a custom theme in DataFlex. 


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