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More info

  Migrate embedded DataFlex data to an SQL Server

Why SQL Server?

DataFlex applications can run on all popular database servers nowadays, including Microsoft SQL Server and ProgreSQL. Having a back-end in an SQL database offers many benefits like performance increase (especially for reporting) enhanced security, scalability and accessibility.

Accessibility is specifically important. It means that – given the appropriate authorization, the data can be accessed via a standardized access method by many third party tools such as Excel and Word.

A system running on embedded DataFlex data can now benefit from the amazing power of Dynamic AI, the recommended Business Intelligence tool.


Why DataFlex DataPump?

If DataFlex applications can run on SQL databases, then why use DataFlex DataPump?

Thousands of DataFlex applications run on SQL Server. And many do not - meaning they still run on the embedded DataFlex database. The reasons behind this are very diverse. Some people have not had the need to go through migrations or did not see the opportunities in doing this.

DataFlex DataPump is designed to offer a stand-alone, set & forget, non-intrusive way to create data in SQL. Users that access the SQL data have to be made aware that the data they look at may not be 100% up to date.
For getting 100% up to date data in SQL, the application simply needs to be migrated to SQL, providing real-time results.

DataFlex DataPump is an excellent way to get acquainted with SQL Server. In most cases the free Microsoft SQL Express Server will suffice, not only to base DataFlex DataPump on, but also for a possible full migration to a Microsoft SQL Server back-end for day to day use.


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