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DataFlex Reports 6.0

What's new
Version 6.0

Barcode support

DataFlex Reports 6.0 supports over 70 different types of symbologies (type of barcodes) both onedimensional and two-dimensional (stacked) symbols are available. Fields (like database fields, functions or parameter fields and text objects) can be converted to a barcode with a simple mouse click and can be exported to PDF, RTF, HTML or image.

Performance improvements

Version 6 of DataFlex Reports contains many performance improvements to optimize the report generation process. A function pre-compiler has been added which makes reports with lots of functions run up to 10(!) times faster; the performance of summaries (both summary fields and the Sum() function) has also dramatically improved. Additional changes have been made to the layout engine to streamline the report generation.

Functions and function editor

A new case statement has been added to version 6 of DataFlex Reports. The case statement supports comma separated lists of values and does not allow fall-through to occur. Case statements can be nested. In addition to the case statement, whenever a function error occurs, the function editor is opened and the symbol which caused the error is highlighted. Selected text can now be commented and uncommented using the Ctrl+K, C and Ctrl+K, U keys or toolbar buttons. Additionally line comments can be toggled using the Ctrl+/ key.

Embedded SQL

A new built-in function SQL() has been added to DataFlex Reports 6.0 which allows you to execute SQL statements directly (also known as SQL expressions). This function is only available for ODBC datasources and is a powerful addition to report developers. However, only a single value can be returned from a SQL() function.

Bug fixes

DataFlex Reports 6.0 includes over 30 implemented user suggestions and bug-fixes.

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