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NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde

Unified by fmfirst®, a DataFlex Powered product suite

In 2006, NHS Greater Glasgow and the Clyde area of NHS Argyll and Clyde, combined to form NHS GG&C. Forming one of the largest health providers in Western Europe NHS GG&C provides healthcare services to over 1.2 million people and employs more than 40,000 staff.

The newly formed board was using seven different Estates Management software systems, all of which were heavily paper based. Following a full system review, it was decided that the existing systems should be consolidated into one centralised system.

The decision was taken to expand the use of Asckey’s DataFlex powered, fmfirst® product suite, across the whole of the newly formed Health Board. fmfirst® had already been in operation in some hospitals within the health board since early 2011,. The system has proven to be reliable and user friendly, providing targeted functionality and intuitive integration with web and mobile capabilities.

Asckey Data Services Ltd is a DataFlex software house.

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