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Customer Support Paid support & Consultancy

For technical support beyond the scope of our free services, Data Access Worldwide offers two options:

A Technical Support Incident - a support incident is a fixed-price phone or email support session dedicated to the resolution of one subject or issue. An incident may be initiated as an extension of a free support call or email or it can be scheduled with a support team member at a mutually convenient time.

Consultancy - Data Access Worldwide’s Professional Services Group offers extended technical support, application design advice, expert programming resources and a variety of other consulting services. The scope can range from an hour of "coaching" to a months long engagement to build a complete business solution. Customers can also use our consulting services when you simply want us to collaborate with you or perform a specific task:

  • Build a specialized component to integrate with your applications
  • Configure a web server
  • Install apps and databases on DataFlex Cloud
  • Author an installation script
  • Other solutions tailored to your needs

For more information about consulting services, contact us - we’re here to help!