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Dynamic AI Features


Business Intelligence Simplified

100% browser based

Delivering reports via the web is not special. But more than 10 years ago, Dynamic AI was the only tool being able to fully create and maintain reports in the browser. And everything else that is needed to keep a secure and stable platform for installations that support up to tens of thousands of users.

Delivery anywhere on any device, easy management, no installations, zero-footprint are all benefits of web-based Dynamic AI.

From the “AI” button that generates new, innovative reports automatically to the scheduled delivery of report packages to one or many users, Dynamic AI offers a variety of automated facilities so you don’t have to do all the work.

Add or delete columns, add breaks and totals, change sorting and selection. Within its extensive policy system, Dynamic AI users can be granted rights to extend or modify reports for themselves or for sharing with others. According to defined policies, user changes can be discarded or stored.

Strict user, group, profile and password policies give administrators extensive control over who can access information and, more importantly, who cannot.