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Discover DataFlex

Discover DataFlex

DataFlex offers an advanced application framework built with an easy-to-learn programming language that allows you to create mobile, web and Windows software in a very productive way. If you are a programmer and you are new to DataFlex, start here with a few short videos. They help you to get a good idea of what DataFlex is about. Then...

Try DataFlex for free


In less than 2 minutes, this short video captures the essence of why DataFlex is such a productivity enhancing tool.


And this video, less than 5 minutes, gives a quick tour on how a mobile application is created with DataFlex.


Install DataFlex Personal on your computer, and then follow the steps in this video, the DataFlex Quick Start for web & mobile applications.

Do you like how quickly a web application can be built with DataFlex? Then download and install the free Personal Edition of DataFlex and try it! Then follow the steps in the DataFlex Quick Start for web & mobile applications video above.

The Personal edition is fully functional DataFlex Studio with database drivers that does not expire. It is however licensed only for private, non-commercial use or business evaluation.

When you have watched the steps in the Quick Start video, you’ll know all the basics of creating web applications with DataFlex. In real life, applications are of course more complex. The local and online DataFlex documentation is a vast resource for getting to know the language, Studio, framework, database connectivity, utilities and more.

Need more Help?

There are several resources you can consult....

Visit the Data Access Support Forums. Competent and friendly DataFlex developers around the world are always happy to answer any questions you may have. And on the forums, you can learn from over 100,000 questions that other people have asked - and answered!

Check out the several videos and Blogs about DataFlex. Experienced developers have written these blogs to provide best-practices advice, tips and techniques.

Last but not least, you can always contact us, or one of our regional partners. We are always happy to hear from you!