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What's new
DataFlex 19.0

Improved Connectivity

Connectivity to databases and especially SQL databases has been improved with new ways to maintain your database connections and several other improvements.


  • Connection IDs are now fully integrated into the studio and applciations
  • Improve indexing support for SQL databases
  • Improved flow for SQL-based application development
  • More natural support for typical SQL features in the Studio (PKs, FKs, identity, clustered indexes, etc.)
  • Improved the database login process (supports encrypted credentials)
  • Easier,faster and more robust proccesses to convert, connect and reconnect


Tabbed workspace

The tabbed workspace style is an alternative to the regular MDI style. When used views are not rendered in floating panels but are stretching the available space and switching between views is done using tabs that appear as part of the command bar. To accommodate this application style several components have been improved and sizing and centering logic is added. Views can be placed next to each other simply by dragging the tab to split the client area horizontally or vertically.

DPI Scaling

DataFlex now provides better support for DPI scaling of icons used in CodeJock Toolbars, Menus and Context Menus. This support is provided by a combination of changes in the latest CodeJock COM controls and changes to the DataFlex class library.