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What's new
DataFlex 19.0

DataFlex Studio

All New.
Clean look | DPI Scaling | New Icons


The dashboard has been revamped with a clean new look and improved performance. It provides a clear overview of the applications you are working on.

Improved Connectivity

Connectivity to databases and especially SQL databases has been improved with new ways to maintain your database connections and several other improvements.


  • Connection IDs are now fully integrated into the studio and applciations
  • Improve indexing support for SQL databases
  • Improved flow for SQL-based application development
  • More natural support for typical SQL features in the Studio (PKs, FKs, identity, clustered indexes, etc.)
  • Improved the database login process (supports encrypted credentials)
  • Easier,faster and more robust proccesses to convert, connect and reconnect


JSON Parser

The JSON parser is represented by a single cJsonObject class that contains the entire API for parsing, generating, analyzing and manipulating the JSON. The API can be seen as a simplified DOM where each object represents a single JSON node. JSON can be generated by creating and configuring these objects or by simply converting a struct or array from memory before calling Stringify to generate the JSON string. The cHttpJsonTransfer class makes it easy to work with modern REST APIs by working closely with the cJsonObject.