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What's new
DataFlex 19.0

Server Web Properties

The web property system is extended with a new web property type called server web properties. Opposed to client web properties these properties are not send to the client but they are stored on the server. They do provide persistency and can even be attached to sessions. They provide a secure place to store the application state with the same ease of use as the existing client web properties. Next to security the can also improve performance compared to client-side web properties since they do not consume any bandwidth.

Swipable Buttons (in Lists) and Cards

The touch support has been extended with a new control called the swipable list button. They provide a nice method to add extra actions to list rows. The buttons are highly customizable and easy to implement. Also the card container has a new swipe feature where users can swipe between the cards. This provides a nice alternative to existing tab containers especially when enabling the bullets that indicate the current card.

Floating Panel

The cWebFloatingPanel is a versatile container component that can be positioned it several ways. It falls outside the control & regular panel layout flow and "floats" on top of the application. It can be used to develop custom menu systems, provide extra details or show notifications.

Collapsable group

The cWebGroup has been extended with the possibility to collapse / expand groups. Controllable by properties and a button on the screen this provides new method to use screen real estate more efficient.

64-bit WebApp Server Support

This simplifies server installation and configuration and removes the requirement to switch IIS (Internet Information Server) to 32-bit mode. This is accomplished by providing both 32-bit and 64-bit binaries of parts of the WebApp Server. The DataFlex application processes and the WebAppServer.exe controlling them are still 32-bit.


The cWebAccordionContainer An accordion style control based on the tab / card container technology. The cWebAccordianCards expand / collapse by clicking on the header or can be controlled from source code. It can be configured to allow a single expanded item or multiple expanded items.

Highlight Column

The cWebColumnHighlight is a specialized component that can be used to highlight hits in search results. It has several configuration options that specify exactly how it should highlight the keywords. This component is ideal when extending web applications with search capabilities.

Color picker

You can use color picker controls that are available in popup format (cWebColorForm) and as standalone control (cWebColorPicker). It works with HEX and RGB color strings and has the ability to display a custom color palette with predefined colors.