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Training Character mode DataFlex


This training is based on revision 3.2 of DataFlex. You will be trained on how to use the product and create your own applications by using the rich DataFlex toolset. The 3.2 language supports both a procedural and an object oriented style of programming. The basics will - to learn the language - use the procedural interface. When you are interested in the Object Oriented interface instead we advise you a follow up training on Object Orientation. Note, that the Visual DataFlex training is fully Object Oriented and does not require a DataFlex Basics nor Object Oriented Base Course.  The subjects are: What does DataFlex contain All file extensions Get around in the documentation DataFlex database structure Tools (Dffile, Dfauto, DfQuery/DFQ etc) Starting programming (Enter/Entergroup/Accept etc) Reporting (Report macro, Report object) Language specifics (predefined variables etc) Error handling Duration: 5 days.