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DataFlex Diagnostics - Version History

v.1.1 (July 2022)

  • Add a new scan for Windows applications
  • Add in-depth scan of DataFlex registration files
  • Add CodeJock and driver versions for DataFlex 19.1 through 20.1
  • Show any existing DataFlex HTTP Modules within a website or application
  • Change main screen to show the icons used in the report
  • Change DataFlex service name for better searchability among newer DataFlex versions
  • Update the progress bar to track in-depth license files scan and Windows application scan progress
  • License file paths for each DataFlex revision are now read from the register.ini
  • Fix duplicate paths listed within the CK information subgroup
  • Fix IIS "Enable 32-bit Application" that showed "Insufficient rights" when IIS was not installed
  • Fix viewing file permissions not working for Windows languages other than English
  • Fix anomalous license files in the Bin folder to not be shown for a Workstation installation
  • Textual and visual dialog changes

v. (January 2017)

  • Shows missing CodeJock files
  • Wrong version of CodeJock component in Bin folder will be marked red and the expected version number will be displayed
  • Uses larger font on dialogs and improves on the layout
  • Summary screen will display the "Number of items not checked due to user account limitation"
  • Improves messages displayed for Codejock and anomolous registration files
  • Fixes WMI issue if computer is member of a domain
  • Includes user running the WebApp Server service

v. (December 2016)

  • Better way of detecting DataFlex installations
  • Show system- and user locale
  • Show DataFlex compiler status for each revision
  • Show DataFlex registry status for each revision
  • Show Web Application server status for each revision
  • Show Operating system’s service pack
  • CodeJock and Connectivity kit version table in settings.ini
  • Fix "insufficient rights" issue (some were marked red instead of yellow)
  • Fix for "Array variable dimension range exceeded" which caused a crash
  • Fix Parent items marked red when there are only warnings
  • Optimization (caching of received data during report generation)

v. (September 2016)

  • Default destination email may be added to settings.ini
  • Remove “type of output” section (GUI) option and always generate HTMl, XML and CAB output files
  • Check Diagnostics’s folder rights and display friendly error if Output folder cannot be created
  • Rename "Mail Report" link on the report to "Email Report"
  • Fixes regarding difference between 32 and 64 bit systems
  • Change Icons on Report to better identify pass, warning, and error