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Nice tool, better code by Johan Broddfelt - a comparison of development platforms

July 24,2015
By Johan Broddfelt

Nice tool, better code by Johan Broddfelt is a comparison of development platforms. Johan Broddfelt is a PHP developer at Front-IT in Denmark. Over the years he has worked with several development platforms. In this seminar, held in Hoevelaken, the 26th of May in 2015 he compared those different platforms, including DataFlex.

00:06 Introduction
01:21 Background Johan Broddfelt
03:42 Johan Broddfelt’s view on DataFlex
04:44 Definition of a framework
06:31 PHP frameworks
09:08 JB Framework
10:59 ExtJS, Sencha
13:46 Microsfot Visual Studio
15:30 Microsoft Visual Studio LightSwitch
17:14 DataFlex
19:10 Suitability for business applications
21:33 What is he talking about?
24:38 Conclusion