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Halifax in depth

Each manufacturer has its own protocol for dealing with warranty claims. Halifax is based on a best-practices workflow, and allows for defining separate claim types. Based on different Approver profiles, claims can be assigned to different persons, based on the amount of a possible refund under warranty. Depending on the amount, either the service manager can approve a claim, or if it exceeds a certain amount, it needs to escalate to one of the higher echelons in the organization.

Warranty claims can pertain solely to a machine, or a part, but a dealer can also specify refunding for time spent, or kilometers travelled, per individual case. A specific machine or part can only be claimed once, as Halifax records all the previous claims of a dealer.

For the R&D department, the Halifax repository becomes an important source of information. With all claims-related information centralized in one database, there is a build-up of valuable statistical information. Link claims to a Product Improvement Programs, let dealers specify with each claim what the cause of the issue is, and more.

Halifax comes with standard built-in routines to import dealers, their customers, machines, parts, packing lists and invoices. Some companies that use Halifax, have more advanced integration technology built-in. It is the integration with the original sales- and delivery information, that makes Halifax efficient, because that information is accurate and quickly available.

The best-practices workflow that Halifax supports can be best looked at, at this infographic: 

Download the infographic


This helps to implement and maintain a consistent flow, and the system helps service managers to keep track of things. No claim can escape their attention, and what’s even better: all involved parties are kept up-to-date via this central facility. Email notifications, reminders and smart widgets do the trick. The dashboard of Halifax is flexible and depending on the role of the user, certain widgets can be placed on the dashboard.

Halifax in Depth

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