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DataFlex 2021

What? DataFlex 2021 – starting a new era.

DataFlex 2021 introduces support for Unicode and 64-bit, Dynamic Web Objects, a new Studio dark theme, an expanded framework, a new "Plato" app for learning, more supported SQL databases, enhanced security and much more!

Why? New opportunities.

The DataFlex 2021 Platform is the beginning of something new. It involves great changes to make sure your applications are here to stay for decades to come. On this page you get a taste of the new opportunities in DataFlex.

When? Start now.

You can start your DataFlex 2021 journey right now by watching the videos below. Then, download DataFlex 2021 and see how its many enhancements can benefit your existing applications and build new ones faster and easier.


DataFlex 2021 has a lot of new additions. During the DataFlex Launch Event 2021 several presentations showcased these new capabilities - take look!

The DataFlex Landscape

DataFlex 2021 adds support for the 64-bit architecture and Unicode. Is that all? Stephen will paint the new DataFlex landscape for you including all options and considerations.

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Normalization with Unicode

Certain characters can be represented in different ways within Unicode. Harm will explain how that works and how to handle this within DataFlex.

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WebApp Styler 2.0

The online styling tool, the DataFlex Styler, needed to be migrated to version 2021 (of course). While we did that, we extended the tool with some very nice features!

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DataFlex Reports

An essential part of the DataFlex development platform is DataFlex Reports. Vincent will spend a few minutes to introduce a feature in DataFlex Reports 8 that not many developers have not yet discovered: the new Web Form.

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Migrating HDE to DataFlex 2021

Migrating to DataFlex 2021, 64-bit and Unicode? André migrated our HelpDeskExpress online support tool and will share his successful experience with you.

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Top 5 additions

Henri and Bram will highlight what they consider the Top 5 new features of DataFlex 2021.

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Security, Stability and Performance

Harm will discuss previously undisclosed changes at the core of WebApp Server and Unicode that improve the security, stability, and performance of web apps created with DataFlex 2021.

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Command Line Compiler and Build Server

Stephen will talk about how the team used Git, Jira and Jenkins for build automation and testing of DataFlex 2021.

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Success Stories

DataFlex has a great worldwide community. View some success stories:


Extra videos

Have you seen the one and only DataFlex band? They made an ode to DataFlex 2021!

Replay the livestream of the DataFlex 2021 Launch Event. The event was completely focused on DataFlex 2021!