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Video Productions


Did you know that Youtube is the second largest search engine, after Google Search?

The way people share and gather information nowadays is very visual. Especially for technical topics, videos are an amazing resource. This medium is particularly well-suited for young people, who rather like to watch a video, than read a manual. 

That’s why Data Access Europe hired a small team of video professionals who are dedicated to create promotional and instructional videos. They are constantly producing new videos about our products. Find them here.

Besides fulfilling our own needs, customers have come to us to have a video produced to promote and present their software or company.

Meet our video team,  watch the video below!





Video production is a general term that covers many types of media exposures. To show the variety we selected three different types of videos: a corporate movie, a motion graphic and an online commercial

Businessclub - Golf course het Rijk van Sybrook

The main reason for golf course members to join the businessclub is the good atmosphere and the networking opportunities. In this video we emphasize these possibilities in the shots, the sound and the integrated graphics.

Motion Graphic - Clip Consultants

Clip Consultants develops software especially for law firms. We were asked to create a video that explains what the software means to their customers. Our focus was to create a motion graphic in style with their corporate identity: clean, straight lines and the colors orange, grey and white.

Online commercial - Plan-IT makes planning child’s play

For JDS Bedrijfsautomatisering we produced a video campaign about Plan-IT; planning software especially produced for car dealers and garages. In this commercial their slogan is higlighted:  Plan-IT makes planning child’s play!

Interested to see more videos?

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Data Access Europe video productions makes producing professional videos affordable and fun.

 If you are interested and want to learn more